All the world’s wonders in one place!

This year, Lumaze will take you to Glow Around the World with the most fantastic light sculptures, inspired by different world cultures and their wonders.

Chinese dragon and palace light sculptures.


Chinese culture and its amazing traditions will delight you as you wish for more strength and good fortune for the future. Be Lumazed by the tallest light sculptures and arrangements in the world and take pictures with a larger-than-life Chinese dragon.

Taj Mahal light sculpture.


Wander through our illuminated Taj Mahal, take pictures inside its lighted passages, or sit and relax with the elephants at our Mumbai-inspired seating area. Indian culture has so much to offer, and here at Lumaze, you can appreciate it in all of its majesty.

London's Big Ben light sculpture.


The Palace of Westminster and Big Ben are waiting for you. The British Islands have never been so captivating, and you will have the chance to see its most majestic wonders twinkling with thousands of lights. Cheerio!

Dutch tulips light sculptures.

The Netherlands

Best known for its tulips, windmills, and waffles, the illuminated structures representing the Netherlands are a must-see for all the family. Take your loved ones to see the lighted-up version of Dutch wonders.

Louvre light sculpture.


Think of the marvelousness of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre; now add to that thousands of lights with the brightest and most spectacular colors. Don’t miss out and experience Paris as you’ve never imagined.

Chichen Itza pyramid light sculpture.


Our lighted Chichen Itzá and giant hanging piñata are some of the features you’ll see when you visit the Mexico section. Enjoy Mexican culture to the fullest and experience the best light show in North America. ¡Feliz Navidad!

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