Best Christmas Plays in Cincinnati This Year

One of the best ways to experience the emotion of the season is by heading to see a live theater performance. As curtains rise and actors portray various characters, plays and musicals can bring the lessons and festivities of Christmas to life. If you love watching holiday live performances, here are five of the best Christmas plays in Cincinnati this year.

Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Musical

Elf on the Shelf doll (Christmas lights in the background)

The Elf on the Shelf is known to be both naughty and nice throughout the holiday season. From crazy antics to sweet gestures, kids are used to seeing the beloved character pop up in unexpected situations throughout December. However, the Taft Theater is hosting the Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Musical on its stage! This theatrical production brings the world of the North Pole to life through song and performance for one night only, so be sure to reserve your tickets soon for this November 16th show.

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Elf the Musical, Jr.

Elf, the musical, Jr. poster

One of the most beloved modern-day Christmas movies is Elf. With antics that make both kids and adults laugh, the film became an instant classic. Now you can take your kids to see a live versionElf the Musical, Jr. — via The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. See Buddy and his antics take over the North Pole in several performances from December 4th – 12th. School performances are also available, so encourage your teachers to book a show during school hours for the kiddos!

Nutcracker Rocks!

Nutcracker Rocks! poster

There are many reasons to stay in this season, so why not steam an event virtually? The Nutcracker Rocks! follows the traditional take of Clara and her dreamy encounter with a nutcracker. Although this is a classic story, there’s upbeat music (hence “rocks” in the title!) throughout. This show is perfect for an evening out at home and is a special treat to those who can’t easily make it to the theater. It’s geared towards kids, so it’s an event that the whole family can enjoy. Stream this show via the Taft Theatre from December 2nd through the 31st. Once you purchase the event, you have 72 hours to watch, so book your showing accordingly. 

A Christmas Carol, one of the best Christmas plays in Cincinnati

Picture taken during the play (A Christmas Carol, Mr. Scrooge and rest of the cast singing)

The story of A Christmas Carol is a classic by Charles Dickens, which is heartwarming and filled with lessons. Folks of all ages will have a change of heart while watching Scrooge become a new man. A miserly, grumpy old guy is visited by three different Christmas spirits, making him generous, kind, and happy. There are plenty of chances to see this musical from November 24th through December 30th. So be sure to include this play in your holiday plans.

Bah Humbug: A One-Man Christmas Carol

Main character of the play

Another streamed event through The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, Bah Humbug: A One-Man Christmas Carol is based on Dickens’ classic story. The twist is that one man plays all of the characters, from Scrooge and Marley to Tiny Tim and the Christmas spirits. This show is also child-friendly (ages eight and up) and is available on-demand from December 1st through 31st. Again, you have 72 hours from your time of purchase to stream the show.

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