Come to One of the Best of Cincinnati Festivals: Lumaze is Filled with Fun and Music

Hopefully, you’ve already made plans to visit Lumaze this weekend. If not, you’ll be missing out on some great live music acts, which would be a shame! Once you see our lineup of fabulous entertainers, you’ll realize that of all the Cincinnati festivals, Lumaze will top your list. From a solo guitarist to lively bands, all the acts are like mini Cincinnati music festivals to enjoy during our light show. Here are all the talented musicians you’ll see on the stage this season.

Lumaze: The Best of Cincinnati Festivals

Before delving into the live entertainment at Lumaze, it’s important to note that the event is so much more than one of the best Cincinnati music festivals. Here’s all that you can do while you are at Lumaze!

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Enjoy the children’s activities

If you’re looking for things for the kiddos to do at Cincinnati festivals this weekend, be sure to include Lumaze! There is a whole host of things for the littles to do. They can ride Louis the Locomotive, visit Santa, see princesses, play at the Bouncy Farm, do a scavenger hunt, and play on the LED swings and hopscotch sets. The whole family will have a great time!

Visit the light show

lumaze logo with lights

When it comes to Cincinnati light shows, Lumaze comes out on top. Not only are there millions of twinkling lights, but the Glow Around the World section showcases larger-than-life light structures featuring icons from all over the globe. See Big Ben, a Chinese dragon, the Taj Mahal, and more. Lumaze also features light tunnels, hanging lights, and lots of other lit-up surprises for you and your family to enjoy. 

Shop the holiday market

Cincinnati festivals aren’t complete without having a place to purchase gifts. Head to the Christmas market at Lumaze to see artisans and their handmade wares. Take your gift list, and cross folks off one by one as you walk down the aisles. 

Grab something to eat and drink

Of course, with all there is to do at Lumaze, chances are you’ll be spending the day enjoying all of the fun. So plan to eat your meals and have a tasty, festive drink while on site. This event is one of the Cincinnati music festivals that truly has it all this holiday season. 

Musicians Performing at Lumaze

santa using headphones and enjoying music

One of the best parts about Lumaze is the festive music that you can hear throughout the event. After all, the holidays aren’t quite complete without the sounds of the season. So head to the main stage area to sit and listen as you eat and drink, or walk around and catch the sounds from afar throughout the event. Local acts from Ohio are featured during Lumaze, one of the best Cincinnati festivals this weekend.

Happy Hour Trio

A trifecta of musical talents comprises the group that is Happy Hour Trio. Whether you see them during the day, in the evening, or during the actual happy hour, you’ll enjoy the refreshing sounds of this group from the stage at Lumaze. For holiday sounds, don’t miss this trio during this Cincinnati festival of lights. 

Anita and the Daves

anita and the daves performing

This musical duo comprised of a guitarist and a vocalist is well-known throughout Cincinnati festivals for its beautiful sounds. Although Americana roots music duo Anita and the Daves may look unassuming, they really pack a punch when it comes to entertaining a crowd. So head to the main stage to support them as you listen to their unique sound at Lumaze. 

My Girl Jamie

If a solo guitar is your idea of soothing holiday music, head to Lumaze to hear the sounds of My Girl Jamie. Although many places focus on heavy-hitting bands, the stage at Lumaze is one of the Cincinnati festivals that genuinely appreciates the sounds of a single, talented artist and lets their music shine. It’s incredible how one person with a gift can entertain and even calm a crowd with soothing holiday sounds.  

JJJ Entertainment

guitarist performing live

Triple the letters allow for triple the fun at the Cincinnati festivals this weekend (AKA Lumaze!). Lumaze is proud to have JJJ Entertainment helping out with our Glow Around the World event, so be sure to see this lively show filled with festivities. See the world come to life with this entertainment group at the helm.

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