Interactive Features

Be Lumazed!

We have many activities and features designed for people to interact, for families to create memories, and of course, for pictures to be posted on social media! Enjoy the many spots Lumaze offers for you to express yourself and your loved ones to enjoy along.

People passaging the Lumaze tunnel of light.

Lumaze Lights

Lumaze Lights consists of the most amazing tunnel of lights you’ll ever find. Thousands of shapes, forms, colours, and surprises for you and your family to enjoy!

Don’t miss out on one of the most exciting features Lumaze has for you this year.

Two young women grabbing the hanging picture frame and posing for a photo.

Hanging Picture Frames

Light-up picture frames for everybody to come along and take a perfect photo and upload it to Facebook or Instagram. You can even make videos or gifs for your family and friends around the world to see.

Check out the hanging frames to enjoy a cool experience at the venue, and don’t forget to tag us on your posts with #LumazeCIN #LumazeCIN2021.

girls playing in light garden

Scavenger Hunt

Santa has called all children for a scavenger hunt to find six different passports booths throughout the Lumaze Around the World venue.

Get your children to participate and enjoy the surprises!

Woman and baby under blue lights.

Hanging Lights

Interactive hanging lights designed for you to take the best selfies at Lumaze. Bring your best camera to capture your Lumaze experience and showcase the best the festival of lights has to offer.