Louis the Locomotive

All Aboard!

Enjoy a leisurely ride around Lumaze on our trackless train, Louis the Locomotive

Louis loved helping people get back safely to their families and friends, even if that meant going a little slower around the bends! On one special and starry night, he saw something shoot across the sky, it was very bright! He closed his eyes so very tight and wished upon that star with all his might. He wished he could bring more people together, starting now and lasting forever. Suddenly he felt his wheels lift off the track, one after the other, right through to the back. Zooming past the stars and soaring through the sky, Louis was in fact, able to fly! 

Louis the Locomotive still does what he loves, and to bring people together he’ll go over and above. Watching children have fun and be amazed, you’ll find him getting lost in the lights when you visit Lumaze.

Train Information

Free of charge

Train Hours dependent on opening times
1 pm open: 1 pm to 5 pm
11 am open: 11 am until close
4 pm open: 4 pm until close

Train rides start every 30 minutes from the station.

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