The Best Places to Propose in Pittsburgh


While the Steel City is known for being a major manufacturing center, Pittsburgh has plenty to offer by way of romantic venues for proposals. Especially during the winter months, the city takes on a more dreamy quality that is sure to set the right tone for connecting with your partner and taking the next step in a relationship.

However, sorting out which of the many venues in the city is best for popping the big question in your case can be a bit of a challenge. To provide you with some guidance in picking the ideal winter location for a great proposal, we have identified some of the more unique and memorable locations that are sure to provide the best backdrop for your impending engagement.

Lumaze Proposal

Lumaze Pittsburgh

The Lumaze installation in Pittsburgh is one of the best suggestions we have for great winter proposal venues. With numerous Christmas light displays setting the right ambiance for romance, and with delicious food and seasonal beverages readily on offer, you can spend some time walking around with your partner while building up the courage to ask. Once you have made your move, then the two of you can enjoy some of the rotating live entertainment at the venue. With over a million lights on display, you are both sure to be dazzled by more than just the proposal!

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Horse and Carriage

On a Horse-Drawn Carriage

What could be more romantic than a private horse-drawn carriage ride through the Pittsburgh streets? Since the downtown core of the city is well illuminated and decorated for the Christmas season, spending a slow evening sitting in the back of a carriage with your partner is sure to inspire warm feelings towards a prospective proposal. Whether you wait until the ride is over or you decide to pop the question in the middle of the journey, you can enjoy the rest of the evening strolling through the wintery streets with each other.

Pittsburgh Ballet Theathre

Find Some Great Art

If you are looking for a more refined venue to pop the question to your partner, then be sure to try one of the city’s professional theatres to set the right tone for a memorable proposal. You can make reservations at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre – the city’s premier ballet establishment – to enjoy a bit of culture as a pretext to your proposal.

Hockey Game

Try a Hockey Game

While some people might be appalled at the thought of proposing (or being proposed to) in the context of a hockey game, sports fans will be sure to love the idea! If you and your partner both enjoy the local Pittsburgh Pens, then you can book some tickets and make your plans to propose between periods. If you plan your proposal ahead of time, you may even be able to pop the question with a little help from the screens in the arena. Just make sure that your partner is not completely unaware of your impending plans in that case!

Ski Pittsburgh

Go For a Ski Date

Skiing is a great way to spend a day in the great outdoors with your partner and build up the momentum to a big proposal. On the nearby Laurel Highlands, you can enjoy each other’s company as you try to tackle the more advanced terrain in the area. However, beginners might be best suited to staying at the hills in the Hidden Valley. Regardless, make sure that you both make it through the day without falling too much or you will no longer be in the right mood for a romantic proposal by the evening!

Pittsburgh City

Get a Good Vantage Point

If the city of Pittsburgh is especially meaningful to your relationship, then proposing with the wintry city in the background from a great vantage point can make for a perfect proposal location. Looking out at the city from the West End Overlook or from Mount Washington is a great way to see the entire Pittsburgh skyline. During winter, the sight is truly something to behold and will make for a perfect backdrop when you pop the question.


Beyond the ideas outlined here, Pittsburgh offers much more in terms of great proposal location ideas. Use this list as inspiration to get started, but make sure that the venue is romantic and meaningful to the two of you in order to make the moment something neither of you will forget.


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