Lumaze Gives Back

Supporting Families Who Can't Afford to be Lumazed!

We understand how expensive the holiday season can be and the extra strain this can add to many families. Therefore, we’re giving away hundreds of FAMILY PASSES* to help those who can’t otherwise afford to experience the magic of Lumaze!

Remember, this program is for those who don’t have the means to purchase tickets. Applying to this program for any other reason means you’ll be taking tickets away from others!

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You'll Be Lumazed!

The Utah State Fairpark is being transformed by a million twinkling lights into a “Fairytale Christmas”, a wonderland where the whole family will be amazed by our towering four-storey light tree, illuminated castles and playgrounds, and 10-foot snowmen that never melt.

With seasonal music, food and activities, Lumaze is a festival that will entertain all ages!

ABC4 Good Things Utah

Lumaze producer, Burke Burkhardt, stopped by the Good Things Utah studio to talk about how a million lights have transformed the Utah State Fairpark into a "Fairytale Christmas". Enjoy the…
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